2021-22 Upper Deck Ultimate Hockey 8 Box Full Case #h1525 Pick Your Team

2021-22 Upper Deck Ultimate Hockey 8 Box Full Case #h1525 Pick Your Team
2021-22 Upper Deck Ultimate Hockey 8 Box Full Case #h1525 Pick Your Team

2021-22 Upper Deck Ultimate Hockey 8 Box Full Case #h1525 Pick Your Team

This break will include all 32 NHL teams. YOU'RE NOT PURCHASING A BOX OF CARDS OR INDIVIDUAL CARDS. If you miss the live break you can go to our YouTube channel, as all breaks will be saved there under the break #.

All cards will be given to the team who's logo is on the card. Cards from previous teams such as the Hartford Whalers will go to the Carolina Hurricanes etc. Vintage Winnipeg Jets will remain the Jets. If the card is featuring player(s) in an NHL All-Star game the card will go to the team the player represented that All-Star game.

If a player on a card is featured in the Olympics, or Junior team he will go to the team he currently plays for or if retired the team he played the most NHL games for. A HIT card is a value card that is pulled in a break.

We classify a hit card for this product as ALL cards. S & Canada via Post. All cards are sent out every Monday. 2021-22 UPPER DECK ULTIMATE COLLECTION HOCKEY 8 HOBBY BOXES - FULL CASE. Configuration: 8 boxes per case.

2021-22 Ultimate Collection is loaded with autographs - all of which are hard-signed! The 200-card base set consists of 75 star veterans #'d to 149, 25 legends #'d to 149, and 100 rookies (via the Ultimate Rookies Autos subset) #'d to 299 or 99. There are three non-auto parallels (Gold, Purple & Black) and four autographed parallels (Auto, Gold Auto, Purple Auto & Black Auto) of the vets and legends. Except for the Auto parallel, all are #'d to 35 or less.

Customers can also collect the Jumbo Patch design variant of both the vets and legends featuring large game-worn patch swatches, as well as the Shield Patch design variant of just the vets. All of the design variants are #'d to 3 or less, and most are autographed! Collectors will be chasing the Ultimate Rookies Autos cards, which are true rookie cards, as well as the Auto Patch (#'d to 99 or 49) and Auto Shield Patch (#'d 1-of-1) parallels, and the Jersey (#'d to 699 or 499) and Jumbo Auto Patch (#'d to 15) variants. Casual fans to hardcore collectors will be on the hunt for these additional NHL® shield patch cards.

Ultimate Shield Patches/Ultimate Shield Patch Auto: Both sets feature a different set of standout active players and all cards are 1-of-1's. Rookie Tandem Shield Patches: This set pairs an active star with a rookie from the same team and features a rookie year photo of both players alongside a rookie year NHL® shield patch from both players! All cards are #'d to just 2. The popular Ultimate Introductions insert set, which boasts a Showcase subset featuring the best-of-the-best 2021-22 rookies and a "Showcase" callout, is back! There are seven parallels of the full set, highlighted by the Black (#'d to 25), Purple (#'d to 5), Black Auto (#'d to 10 or 5) and Purple Auto (#'d 1-of-1) parallels. This latest edition of Ultimate Collection includes five new and incredible inserts. 2000-01 Ultimate Signatures Retros: This hard-signed set features rookies, veterans and legends on the classic 2000-01 Ultimate Signatures design! There is also a Gold set #'d to 10.

Stick With Me: As the name gives away, this set consisting of active stars, active superstars and legends of the game, features game-used stick. Each card is #'d to 35 and there is also a Gold set #'d to just 5!

Ulti-Mates: Each card in this set features two active star players (one pair of teammates from each team in the league) and a game-worn jersey swatch from each player. There are also Patch (#'d to 35) and Tag (#'d to 3) versions of the set as well. Everyone will love the player pairings!

Ultimate Displays: Each card in this set mimics a framed collectible you would hang on a wall. The cards feature two images of a star player and a game-worn jersey swatch.

There are also direct Patch (#'d to 25) and Tag parallels, and well as Auto Jersey (#'d as low as 35), Auto Patch (#'d as low as 10) and Auto Tag (#'d to 6 or 3) parallels that boast slightly different, and larger, checklists. Ultimate Emblems Auto: This hard-signed set consists of rookies, vets and legends and each card features "Ultimate Collection" and the Ultimate Collection logo on an embedded metal strip. There are also low-#'d Gold and Platinum parallels.

The popular and long-running Pro Threads and Debut Threads inserts return featuring patch swatches accompanied by hard-signed autographs. The Pro Threads cards are #'d to 49, 25 or 10, and the Debut Threads cards are #'d to 99 or 49. The Ultimate Signatures Premium Material insert, featuring autographs and premium memorabilia swatches, will be a valuable addition to any collection. Look for these cards, as well as non-autographed versions, #'d as low as 5! 1 Non-Auto/Mem Base Set, Base Set Parallel or Insert Card (Includes Serially-#'d Base Set Veterans/Legends & Ultimate Introductions Gold, Purple & Black Parallels). 1 Premium Autographed, Non-Autographed Premium Memorabilia or Autographed Memorabilia Card.
2021-22 Upper Deck Ultimate Hockey 8 Box Full Case #h1525 Pick Your Team